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Supplement Plans

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Medicare Part A (hospital coverage) and Medicare Part B (doctor/outpatient coverage) will cover 80% of your medical costs, therefore, you will need an additional insurance product to help with the remaining 20%.

One option to help with this 20% is a Medicare Supplemental Plan (Medigap Policy). Choosing this path means that you are staying with “Original Medicare”, of which, 98% of Doctors and Hospitals participate.

With the Medicare Supplemental Plan (typically Plan F, Plan G, or Plan N), you will pay a premium each month for your coverage, and your expenses beyond this premium will be minimal.

Medicare Supplemental Plans are Federally regulated, and are therefore identical among all carriers. A Plan G is a Plan G, and a Plan F is a Plan F; coverage is identical, while premiums and underwriting guidelines are unique among carriers. Underwriting guidelines are used when moving between carriers for a lower rate, or when moving from an Advantage Plan to a Supplemental Plan.

Pros of Medicare Supplemental Plans

  • 98% of providers participate in Medicare
  • Can’t be denied for coverage when enrolling within 6 months of your Medicare Part B effective date
  • Fixed annual expense for healthcare
  • Referrals not required
  • Prior authorizations for procedures not required
  • Supplemental Plans (Original Medicare) are accepted in all states
  • Can apply for a lower rate any time of year (must pass medical underwriting). The ability to say “no” to questions 1-8 in this form means you’re a good candidate to pass medical underwriting.
  • Guaranteed Renewable- Can never be taken away from you as long as you’re paying your premium

Cons of Medicare Supplemental Plans

  • Generally don’t include gym memberships, dental, vision, and hearing coverage
  • If enrollment window is missed, you must pass medical underwriting to be accepted for coverage

How We Can Help

Our Services are 100% free; insurance carriers pay us so you don’t have to!

Senior Advisors can help to ensure that you have a clear understanding of the differences between each Medicare Supplemental Plan, so you can select the plan that best suits your needs.

We are contracted with multiple reputable carriers, and can identify the lowest price for the plan of your choice, and we can ensure that discounts are applied as well.

For existing Medicare Cardholders, we can help you explore a lower rate for the Supplemental Plan that you have today. We are familiar with the underwriting guidelines throughout each of the carriers, which can increase the likelihood of your approval for a lower rate. We help people reduce the rate of their Medicare Supplemental Plans while retaining identical coverage, every day. If you can say no to these underwriting questions, you should reach out to explore a lower rate; this could be a great opportunity for savings, with no downside!

Key Takeaways

  • Medicare Supplemental Plans cover the gap (20%) that Medicare Parts A & B don’t cover
  • Medicare Supplemental Plans do not require a provider network; 98% of doctors and hospitals participate
  • Medicare Supplemental Plan coverage is identical among carriers, while the rates are unique
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